CouRageJD shows off amazing Jett clip in Valorant early access game
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CouRageJD shows off amazing Jett clip in Valorant early access game

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The long wait is over, and there’s finally real footage of Riot Games’ Valorant out in the open. Content creators are now able to showcase gameplay from the early access event they were invited to last weekend. A plethora of streamers are live on Twitch watching their own gameplay and the prerecorded Twitch Rivals event. If you want early access to the Valorant beta, you must be watching these streams. If you do manage to get access to the beta, then you can play Valorant on April 7 and get to play as of all of the Agents. You might even be lucky enough to secure a clip like the one Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlop has shown off with Jett on social media.

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Jett proves to be overpowered in Valorant clip by CouRageJD

Yesterday, Riot Games released a gameplay trailer of a new Agent, Jett. This elusive speedster is perfect for those players who like to zoom around the map quickly and play aggressively. Overwatch fans can compare her to Hanzo, as they both possess wall-climbing abilities.

However, perhaps the deadliest part about Jett is her Ultimate Ability, Blade Storm. This ability equips several deadly throwing knives that can kill in one headshot. Pair this with Jett’s Dash ability and there’s no stopping her. 100 Thieves star CouRageJD shows off just how unstoppable she can be in this Valorant clip.

Obviously a crazy series of events, CouRage takes full advantage of Jett’s abilities to secure the 1v5 clutch. Being able to throw down a smoke cloud and then dash over it is extremely useful. This, along with the Blade Storm ability and some nifty shooting, nets CouRage the round.

With Valorant designed the way it is, this won’t be the only crazy clip we see. Players from all skill levels should be able to pull off feats like this when the closed beta arrives on April 7.

Will you try to play the beta? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Valorant news.

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