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When it comes to mice, gamers can be very picky. Some like them with wires, others prefer them without. Some want RGB, and others find lights too distracting. If you’re one of those gamers who like wireless mice with lots of lights, then read on! Today, we’re reviewing the Corsair Dark Core RBG Pro.

Dark Core RGB Pro Mouse

According to Loserfruit‘s Twitch channel, the Dark Core RGB is her weapon of choice when it comes to mice. The RBG Pro looks pretty much identical to the Dark Core RBG Loserfruit uses. So how has Corsair made an improvement for the RGB Pro?

Well, you can now choose from three ways to connect your mouse. There’s sub-1ms Slipstream Wireless, Bluetooth, or a USB cable. The optical sensor has also been upgraded to limit power consumption and increase DPI. It has twice the speed of a regular gaming mouse, with “better-than-wired latency” and low power output.

In terms of extra pieces of tech, everything is neatly packaged up. The USB dongle for the wireless communication can be stored safely on the right-hand side of the mouse underneath the interchangeable panel.

Full customization

Choice appears to be a big feature of the Dark Core. This mouse is super customizable. You can change the usual things like mouse speed (DPI) and RBG color, but you can also choose various other components. For those who like the feel of a wired mouse, you can connect the USB cable and use the mouse that way. You can also change the right side grips to have a matte grip panel with an extra finger rest. Or you can keep the standard, sleek side plate. It’s really up to you how you decide to game.

And of course, you can choose all the lighting on the RGB mouse. There are nine zones of lighting that you can fully customize. You can sync the lights with other Corsair iCUE devices, and program up to eight buttons. Even with minimal customization, you’re guaranteed to have a super personal Dark Core that’s unique to you.

The Dark Core RGB Pro features matte grip panels and nine lighting zones. (Image: Supplied)

Finally, unlike the original Dark Core, the Dark Core Pro features wireless charging. If you pick up a compatible mouse pad like the Corsair MM1000, you can charge while you play. But even without wireless charging, the mouse will last up to 50 hours on a single charge. That should get you through plenty of game time.

Just remember that if you want the wireless charging, you’ll need to get the Dark Core RBG Pro SE edition. The Dark Core RBG Pro does not have wireless charging included.

Get your hands on one

Overall, this is a pretty cool mouse. Personally, as you may recall from my other reviews, I like a very symmetrical-style mouse. This one does feel very natural, however, and it’s got great glide across the table. Other nice touches include the light-up Corsair logo, which you can find on almost any Corsair mouse. But for those you like the edgy-ness of an async mouse and the numerous choices you have, the Dark Core Pro is a good way to go.

As for the price, it’s not actually too expensive. The Dark Core RGB Pro costs $79.99 USD. If you want the version that has wireless charging, it’ll be $89.99 USD. Is an extra $10 for wireless charging worth it? That choice is, once again, all up to you.

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