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Part of the full Season 1 content slate was released recently in Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer. The rest of the content is coming with the official update on Dec. 8, but Monday’s update is substantial in its own right. Fans even get to play Vanguard’s newest game mode, Control. This game mode essentially combines Hardpoint and Search and Destroy. It’s been a staple of the competitive scene for a few years and has now been confirmed to be the long-awaited third game mode in the Call of Duty League for Vanguard.

While this is great news, especially for Challenger players, Control has some major flaws right out of the gate. Players who have started to hop into Control matches in custom games have noticed these issues, posting them on social media.

Control doesn’t appear ready in Vanguard

For starters, Control is playable in custom games under the Call of Duty League ruleset settings. This essentially confirms that it will be the third game mode in the professional rotation, sliding in alongside Hardpoint and Search and Destroy.

As such, competitive players need the mode to be working in all facets. In its current state, Control is anything but working properly. First, reigning CDL MVP Chris “Simp” Lehr posted a video showcasing how easy it is to spawn trap players in Control.

In addition to killing players in the same spot over and over, Simp brought up an important issue. Currently, there is no spawn delay in the Vanguard version of the Control game mode. This means players can get right back into the fight immediately after dying, which is leading to these spawn traps.

If that wasn’t enough, a college Call of Duty player posted a video of themselves being spawned outside of a map while playing Control. It’s unclear how this was done but it seems like the spawn is just a bug within Control itself.

There are some smaller issues with Control too, but the spawns seem to be at the center of them all. This is unfortunate, as spawns are perhaps the most important aspect while playing the game mode.

Sledgehammer Games has yet to comment on the issues with Control. The CDL has also not commented on whether or not Control will be played in this state for the upcoming Challenger Cup #1, which takes place this coming weekend.

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