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Connor Nguyen won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at the 5DoM LACS 3 West Coast qualifier on December 17. As a result, the full 64-person roster is set for the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 3 this weekend.

Connor advanced out of pools on winners side, defeating Andrew “Third Strongest” Malewski 2-0 and Andrew “DD” Lopez 2 – 1. Then in top 32, he faced a pair of back-to-back floaty match-ups. Connor came out on top, beating Arman “Fishbait” Little 2 – 1 and Alejandro “Chango” Gastelum Callahan 2 – 0.

Connor dropped a set to Derek “Aura” Olsen in Winners Semis. However, he proceeded to win runbacks against Fishbait and Chango and eliminated Andrew “Tai” Vo 3 – 2 in Losers Finals. Thus, he got the chance to rematch Aura in Grand Finals. Connor beat Aura 3 – 1 in set one and 3 – 2 in set two in order to place 1st at the 5DoM LACS 3 West Coast qualifier.

Despite being a former top 100 player, Connor has not actively competed for the past couple of years. However, he has proven his ability to put up a good performance any time he does decide to compete. For example, Connor entered a single local tournament last year, where he beat Cody “iBDW” Schwab. Likewise, Connor beat current top 100 players on his path to victory at the 5DoM LACS 3 West Coast qualifier.

Other results from the 5DoM LACS 3 West Coast qualifier

Aura had a solid winners run that carried him to second place at the 5DoM LACS 3 West Coast qualifier. Notably, he did not drop a single game before top 8. Aura defeated Will “Will Pickles” Allen, Griffin “Captain Faceroll” Williams’ secondary Fox, and Simon “Polo” F. in the process. Additionally, Aura beat Connor 3 – 1 and Tai 3 – 0 in top 8.

Though he was the number one seed, Albert Luu had a disappointing performance at this tournament. He lost to Steven “Onregon” Tozlian in pools and then fell to Polo for a 9th place finish. As a result, Albert was unable to qualify for the LACS 3.

The following players earned spots in the LACS 3 at the 5DoM West Coast bracket:

  • Connor
  • Aura
  • Tai
  • Chango
  • Fishbait
  • Onregon
  • Polo
  • Eric “Nerin” Smith