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Modern Warfare 3’s Horde Hunt event is live, tasking you with collecting Skulls and Bones across a multitude of MW3 modes. Here is the easiest way to get them, so you can get back to what you enjoy most.

With two new weapons in the form of the BP50 AR and the RAM-9 SMG, there are plenty of ways to deal damage in MW3. That’s ideal, because you have Zombies to kill if you want to collect Skulls and Bones for the Horde Hunt event.

If you want to do this quickly and efficiently, here’s the easiest way to get Horde Hunt Skulls and Bones in MW3.

How to get the Dog Bone schematic in MW3 Zombies
Kill some Zombies for their bones. Image via Activision

Easiest way to get Horde Hunt Skulls and Bones in MW3

The easiest way to get Horde Hunt Skulls and Bones is to jump into a MW3 Zombies match. There, you’ll be surrounded by hordes of the undead, who are just dying (literally) to drop their Skulls and Bones for you to pick up.

You will get more if you play by yourself, as you won’t have teammates trying to get them too, but you can squad up if you think you won’t be able to survive on your own.

Regular Zombies drop Bones, while Armored Zombies drop Skulls, so make sure to pick up a few contracts to lure the stronger variants out to take them down.

Of course, you can also get them in MW3’s Hordepoint multiplayer mode, but I wouldn’t recommend this personally. When I tried it out, I found that once I killed a Zombie, I had to literally sprint over and grab it as quickly as possible, otherwise a random teammate would just zoom past me and steal it. After a couple of frustrating games of this, I just gave up and moved to Zombies where it was much easier.

Collecting these Skulls and Bones is required for the Horde Hunt event, where you can unlock cosmetic items for your efforts. Good luck!