Cold War SMGs were silently changed for the better in Warzone
Cold War SMGs were changed in Warzone
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Cold War SMGs were silently changed for the better in Warzone

A silent change has buffed the Cold War SMGs
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The practice of changing weapons or in-game mechanics without anyone knowing has become commonplace in Call of Duty: Warzone. More often than not, the developers won’t include a key change to some element in an update’s patch notes, like Season 4 Reloaded. While this might annoy the community to a certain degree, not much stays hidden when it comes to Warzone.

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Content creators who specialize in the battle royale have long tested every aspect of the game for this specific situation. According to one of the more popular creators on this front, TrueGameData, the Black Ops Cold War SMGs are the subject of the latest silent change. This specific class of weapons apparently had their damage profile changed in one of the recent Warzone updates, leading to the class actually becoming stronger.

Warzone silently buffs Cold War SMGs

TrueGameData has been testing Warzone extensively since the game released last year. They’ve become an authority figure on in-game stats thanks to their extensive database covering everything from weapons to equipment.

In a recent video, the creator goes over the “real patch notes” for Season 4 Reloaded. Essentially, they go over what Raven Software failed to include in the public patch notes. Among the silent changes in the update was an alteration to every Cold War SMG’s damage profile.

Since Season 4 Reloaded, the Cold War SMGs now only have two damage profiles. The third, which covered any shot beyond 25 meters, is apparently missing from the files. For fans who don’t know what this means, Cold War SMGs now have a similar damage range drop-off to ARs.

TrueGameData stated in the video that: “Some of these SMGs might make really good sniper supports now, kind of like how we were using the Milano in the previous patch.”

In layman’s terms, Cold War SMGs will now deal more consistent damage at medium to long-range while dealing slightly less at close-range.

As TrueGameData referenced, the top-tier Cold War SMGs can now be used as a viable secondary to a sniper rifle or long-range AR. They now have the damage range to pick fights at longer distances and succeed against a rifle or LMG. It’s unclear if this was a mistake on the part of Raven Software but, for now, the Cold War SMGs are among the best secondary options in Warzone.

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