CohhCarnage receives $32K donation during Twitch charity stream
CohhCarnage receives $32K donation during Twitch charity stream GCX Event

CohhCarnage receives $32K donation during Twitch charity stream

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Twitch streamer Ben “CohhCarnage” Cohh received an astonishing $32,000 donation during his time on GCXEvent’s channel.

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This weekend GCX kicked off a weeklong Twitch broadcast raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. For seven days, content creators take turns streaming on GCX’s channel to raise funds.

Over the years, CohhCarnage has cultivated an immensely supportive community. He’s amassed 1.2 million followers on Twitch and 232,000 YouTube subscribers. Furthermore, his community, The Cohhilition, is built on the motto of “Happy, Helpful, Respectful.” He works towards developing an inclusive gaming community where people from all walks of life feel welcome.

CohhCarnage’s jaw drops

On June 15, CohhCarnage’s four-hour gaming block on GCXEvent’s channel was well underway. In the middle of playing Everspace 2, CohhCarnage took a few moments to catch up on thanking the community for their donations. It was then when he noticed a user named “zretch” donated $32,000.

In slight disbelief, the streamer took a moment to collect his thoughts. With raised brows, CohhCarnage confirmed his eyes weren’t deceiving him. Immediately, the chat went wild in excitement and CohhCarnage let out a shocked “What the f*ck?” Jokingly, he said, “I really hope you didn’t mean $32 and mistyped.”

However, the love didn’t stop there. Shortly after, another good samaritan, “Seaxulf,” donated a whopping $30,000. In complete shock, CohhCarnage exclaimed, “What is happening right now? That’s like more than what I made after taxes at my last IT job per year!” Then, CohhCarnage shouted out the donators on Twitter, saying, “You guys are faith in humanity personified.”

In just four hours, The Cohhilition raised over $232,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In response to the immense generosity, users say it’s always a surprise to see extremely well-off viewers donate so much money. One wouldn’t expect the typical Twitch user to drop big bucks like that. However, it’s a testament to Twitch’s reach and the growing internet community.

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