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The competitive issues that have plagued Call of Duty: Vanguard in its first two months are apparent to all those involved. Even Call of Duty League owners, like Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, are speaking out about how the developers have been handling the competitive scene. This applies to streamers and content creators as well, who want to see Vanguard and future titles succeed. Popular Call of Duty streamer Teddy “Teddy RecKs” Kim posted a unique idea to make competitive better on Monday.

The idea involves taking Halo’s popular level editor, Forge, and implementing it into Call of Duty. The Forge was a place where players could design their own maps by using assets from Halo’s ecosystem. They could decide where Capture the Flag and Stronghold flags would go and place weapon spawns. The streamer thinks this kind of feature makes perfect sense for improving competitive.

Streamer suggests Call of Duty introduce Forge-like feature

Teddy RecKs was once a Search and Destroy analyst for the Seattle Surge. Currently, they spend their time playing competitive tournaments on Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. However, the issues with Vanguard Search and Destroy are becoming more and more apparent as time goes on. These problems led Teddy RecKs to tweet about an idea to improve competitive that the entire community seems to be on board with.

“Imagine Cod developers put something like forge in the game and allowed us as a community to build competitive maps and not have someone who doesn’t play the game build it,” Teddy RecKs tweeted. “Less pay for the developers as anyone can help make it and we won’t get a map like ‘bocage’.”

The streamer continued with this idea on Twitter, saying “Would love to be able to see the community’s map and be able to see where the bombs should be located.” This idea would draw more attention to competitive Call of Duty and give creators a platform to have their creativity shown off. It could also lessen the developers’ workload, as the community could design competitive maps and they would focus on maps for casual playlists.

Community members began to join the conversation, with most agreeing with Teddy Recks’ idea. Fellow streamer BobbyPoff had a humorous response to the idea, joking “I remember making custom maps on my ps2.. now I can’t do s*** with my super computer.”

Of course, fans in the community might be forgetting to think about what it would take to implement a feature of this magnitude. Sledgehammer Games, or any future developer, would need to devote manpower and resources to the project, both of which are in short supply nowadays. With developers still working from home, features such as Halo’s Forge are much harder to work on.

Also, there are the ongoing walkouts and strikes at Activision Blizzard along with layoffs at Call of Duty developing studios to consider. While the idea of letting the community work on competitive maps is terrific in theory, pulling it off is likely lower on a developer’s priority list at the moment.

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