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In terms of sheer content, there might not be another game releasing more than COD Mobile. In the span of less than one month, the title will release two full-fledged seasons. Complete with cosmetics and new maps, weapons, and modes, there’s not much to complain about from a fan’s perspective. Of course, the new Mythic weapon, the Fennec Ascended, does need some tinkering but perhaps that will arrive with the new season. Activision revealed the new installment, Season 12, and its name, “Going Dark,” earlier today. However, it was also revealed that both Ghost and Captain Price are arriving as Operators.

Season 12 of COD Mobile to introduce Ghost and Price

It appears since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s life cycle is ending, Activision is allowing COD Mobile to take some of its content. Last week, we saw a teaser for the map Hackney Yard, which, of course, comes straight from the 2019 title. However, that’s not everything that’s coming to COD Mobile from MW.

In a new video, both Ghost and Captain Price were shown off and revealed as Operators for Season 12.

Some of the most popular characters from the Call of Duty franchise, Ghost and Price are both featured in Modern Warfare. Though, they’ll now be a part of COD Mobile as Operators in the Season 12 Battle Pass.

Also revealed in a short video, we saw a full overview of the new map, Hackney Yard. Although, the video doesn’t showcase any night elements, which was teased last week.

Season 12 is set to go live on November 10-11, presumably during the wee hours of the morning in North America. It’s likely we’ll see a couple more teasers in the days leading up to its release.

Are you excited for Season 12? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all COD Mobile news.

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