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In just the first few days of its worldwide release, COD Mobile has reached a shocking player count. According to Activision, the mobile game has seen over 35 million downloads across all devices since Sept 30. While COD Mobile was expected to do well, it’s safe to say no one anticipated this kind of start.

Back when this game was first announced, players were excited to get their hands on it. Mashing up every fan-favorite aspect of Call of Duty into one title was something fans have desired for some time. However, with this kind of beginning, some believe that Activision can apply the same free-to-play logic of Mobile to the mainstream COD titles.

Could COD Mobile change Call of Duty’s future?

35 million downloads in a matter of days for any game on any system is outrageous. Though there was a beta and ample time for fans to see gameplay, 35 million is still a terrific mark. It may be nowhere near PUBG Mobile‘s 400 million, but given some time, COD Mobile could see somewhere near that figure.

COD Mobile download
Photo credit to Justin Taylor of Activision

The reason for COD Mobile‘s success can be attributed to many things. The smoothness, the consumer-friendly microtransactions, the gameplay, etc. However, like a lot of other popular games, the free-to-play aspect is the main reason it’s booming.

Games such as the aforementioned PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Apex Legends all got their start because they were free-to-play. The same goes for COD Mobile‘s start; if it were even $10, there would be nowhere near 35 million downloads.

With this much success so quickly, there’s no doubt it’s caught the eye of Activision. Notoriously a money-first company, Activision has felt in recent years that a free-to-play model for the COD franchise wouldn’t make as much money as the regular $60 price tag.

COD Mobile on PC

Pairing that $60 with supply drops and other in-game purchases, Activision has never had a reason to change course. However, that could very well change given the amount of success and revenue COD Mobile has brought in. In the first two days of release, the game generated over $2 million from in-game purchases.

There’s no telling what a company like Activision will do following this. However, the success of COD Mobile will certainly make them look at the future of Call of Duty.

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