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After months of closed beta, Call of Duty: Mobile has officially released worldwide. Available on both iOS and Android operating systems, this is Activision’s first full-fledged COD title to come to mobile devices. COD: Mobile is being developed by Tencent Studios, makers of PUBG: Mobile.

From the initial impressions, it appears COD: Mobile has more content than any recent mainstream COD title. There is an expansive multiplayer, a 100-player battle royale, and a content stream with rewards. The expectation is that this game will feature consistent content updates though it does contain microtransactions.

The many features in COD: Mobile

The game is chock-full of content right from the start. Not only are there classic multiplayer game modes, but COD: Mobile has tons of fan-favorite weapons, characters, and maps. Players have the opportunity to earn these characters through a rank-up system like in previous COD titles.

COD Mobile release
The iOS App Store page for Call of Duty: Mobile. Photo credit to Charlie Intel

Like in previous games, there are different loadouts for players to customize with weapons and equipment. However, in COD: Mobile, there are different Operators that each come with their own scorestreaks. Earning these scorestreaks works the same as in other CODs, by getting consecutive kills in one life.

Moving away from traditional multiplayer, COD: Mobile also boasts a 100-player battle royale. The map used for this mode features tons of fan-favorite locations from the previous Call of Duty games. Like Blackout, this BR comes with a Solo, Duo, and Quads mode. COD: Mobile‘s BR was deeply inspired by Blackout’s map and features.

In addition to the gameplay, there is an expansive content stream with microtransactions. There is both a free and premium content stream, with the rewards more glamorous in the paid stream. However, there is also an item shop, a la Fortnite, where certain items can be bought directly.

COD Mobile
COD: Mobile will feature a content stream that is similar to those of other FPS titles such as Black Ops 4 or Apex Legends.

What else does COD: Mobile come with?

Though everything above sounds promising, we all knew those features were coming. Heading into COD: Mobile‘s release, there were some things we didn’t quite know about, such as controller capability.

Though we originally thought controller settings would be available at launch, it doesn’t appear the iOS operating system comes with controller capability. Even if you connect via Bluetooth, the settings don’t pop up in the menu for COD: Mobile. This is expected to change in the coming days or weeks.

Another big change for COD: Mobile comes in the form of daily rewards. Every day you log into the game, you receive bonuses such as camos and emotes. While WWII had a similar system, this is the first time in COD that players receive actual in-game rewards. Hopefully, this system makes its way over to Modern Warfare.

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