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The success of COD Mobile only seems to be increasing with each passing day. Just a few days ago, we reported that the mobile sensation had over 35 million downloads after launching on Sept 30 globally. As of today, though, the title has over 100 million downloads across both iOS and Android devices. In addition to this, the game has generated over $3 million in revenue from microtransactions. This 100 million download mark makes COD Mobile the most successful launch in mobile gaming history.

COD Mobile surpasses all other mobile games at launch

For some reference, let’s take a look at some other popular mobile games’ releases. We’re looking at each title’s first-week download count to compare them equally. Fortnite, after it became a global phenomenon on consoles and PC, had 22.5 million downloads its first week. PUBG: Mobile, the most successful mobile game ever in terms of overall player count, had 26.3 million downloads during its launch.

As you can see, COD Mobile‘s feat is nothing short of extraordinary. Beating out uber-popular battle royale games Fortnite and PUBG: Mobile is not an easy thing to do in today’s world. However, this just further shows how far a free-to-play title can go.

Here’s what Sensor Tower’s Head of Mobile Insights, Randy Nelson, said in an interview:

This is by far the largest mobile game launch in history in terms of the player base that’s been built in the first week.

COD Mobile downloads
COD Mobile is the most popular title released by Activision in quite some time

With such a dramatic increase in downloads, there’s no telling where COD Mobile will end up. As of writing, PUBG: Mobile has accumulated over 400 million downloads since releasing in early 2018. At its current trajectory, COD Mobile could hit that number by mid-2020.

While the game is certainly doing well for itself, some believe that it could also benefit the upcoming Modern Warfare. Many believed that Modern Warfare was going to be the long-awaited turning point for the Call of Duty franchise. However, could it actually be COD Mobile that saves the day for Activision?

What are your thoughts on COD Mobile? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Call of Duty coverage.