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When the title for Call of Duty 2023 was revealed to be Modern Warfare 2, many fans immediately hoped that it would be somewhat similar to the original MW2 that was released in 2009. Fans still revere that game to this day, and it’s considered one of the best titles in the franchise. While we haven’t seen much of multiplayer in the new MW2 as of yet, we have gotten some new leaks, this time centered around its possible maps.

According to reliable leaker @TheGhostOfHope, developer Infinity Ward will remaster a large number of the original MW2 maps for the new title. TheGhostOfHope claims this information came to them by way of one of their “trustworthy sources recently.” While this doesn’t officially confirm anything, this particular leaker is rarely wrong with their information.

The leaker also stipulates that most of these maps would arrive in MW2 multiplayer after its initial launch on Oct. 28. However, they also claim the maps would release all together, likely during Year 2 of Modern Warfare 2. Since the upcoming game will be a two-year title, Activision is presumably looking at ways to fill the content gap that’s usually filled by a new game. There are few ways better to accomplish that goal and satisfy the community than by releasing some of the most beloved maps across the franchise’s history.

Maps such as Highrise, Rust and Terminal are almost a given to be remastered in some way in MW2. These are among the most popular maps from the original game that was released in 2009, so it makes sense they would be remastered first. All of those maps have also been remade in previous Call of Duty games before. However, maps such as Invasion, Karachi, Afghan and others have never been revisited.

If this leak does turn out to be true, then all of these maps would presumably be free. Activision would presumably release them as a part of a seasonal update in MW2. Of course, all of this is mere conjecture and fans should take this leak with a grain of salt until we hear more. Additional information could possibly come out at Call of Duty Next, which will fully reveal MW2 multiplayer.

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