COD leaker says 'Last Stand' won't be included in Modern Warfare II
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
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COD leaker says ‘Last Stand’ won’t be included in Modern Warfare II

A controversy potentially avoided

Any veteran of the Call of Duty series will know the words “Last Stand” without needing to think much. It’s an Last Stand infamous chapter in the franchise, one that most fans don’t want to see repeated in the modern era. Fortunately, a new leak from a reliable source points to the Last Stand mechanic not returning in Modern Warfare II.

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In older titles, Last Stand is a feature in multiplayer that lets players have a second chance to get some kills even after they’re supposed to be dead. If an enemy did enough damage to kill you but you have Last Stand equipped, you will drop to the ground with a pistol out and get a chance to kill that enemy and others who come your way.

Last Stand was thought to be incredibly cheap and a poor addition to multiplayer. Back in March, the mechanic was rumored to be returning in Modern Warfare II, which drew the ire of many fans. However, it seems to be removed from the Field Upgrades section of multiplayer.

The source in question is @TheGhostOfHope. On March 13, they stated that Last Stand was in MWII as a Field Upgrade. Yesterday they quote tweeted that post with an update saying that Last Stand was not found among the current Field Upgrades in multiplayer.

It’s unknown if this means that the Infinity Ward developers removed the controversial feature or simply moved it somewhere else in multiplayer. Perhaps it’s now a perk instead of a Field Upgrade. Still, the fact that TheGhostOfHope says they believe it was removed is a good sign for fans who don’t want to see Last Stand return in MWII.

We should hear more information regarding Modern Warfare II multiplayer towards the latter part of the summer.

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