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Popular North American organization Cloud9 (C9) is proud to announce its newest content creator. The streamer, known as Vienna, has plenty of experience playing League of Legends and is constantly looking to improve her performance. She is a Master level player and has plenty to offer as a valuable C9 member.

C9 posted the announcement on their Twitter with a link to their official website. The beginning of the statement introduces Vienna as C9’s newest Pro Player. It goes on to say Vienna is “dedicated to providing educational content around the game so many of us love!” The statement also mentions that she enjoys casually cosplaying and educating her viewers on playing ADC.

Thrilled to be an official Pro Player

Vienna shared a few words on how she feels about her new role at C9. “I have utmost respect for all of the wonderful staff and players and I’m so excited to show everyone what I’m made of.” She says she has been following the team for a long time and never imagined being a part of something so big.

On Thursday’s Twitch stream, she briefly discussed how she also spends time coaching other women in the League of Legends community. “I love educational, fun content. I actually do free coaching in a discord, specifically called Ladies who Learn. It’s just to help girls who are kind of uncomfortable, who want to get better at the game without any judgment. That’s something I’m really passionate about.”

Reaching out first

C9 is excited to have her on the team as they are already promoting her Twitch channel. Moreover, they share a few words on their official statement. “She’s been an impactful ambassador already and we’re thrilled to be welcoming her to Cloud9.”

In her stream, Vienna mentions that they reached out to her first. With Vienna being a long-time fan, she subsequently accepted the role as their official content creator. This is a great time for C9 to announce the news since they’re also dominating the LCS Spring Split.