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Cloud9’s CEO Jack Etienne confirms that Tyson “TenZ” Ngo will remain on the Sentinels roster if both teams qualify to represent North America in Iceland.

TenZ stepped away from professional VALORANT to pursue a future in streaming and content creation in January of 2021. This was shortly after Cloud9 Blue’s performance had begun to decline in the competitive scene. TenZ remained under the Cloud9 banner while he pursued content creation but came back to professional play two months later.

Sentinels, widely considered one of the best teams in North America, lost their star player Jay “Sinatraa” Won when his ex-girlfriend made sexual assault allegations against him in March of 2021. Both Sentinels and Riot Games suspended Sinatraa from their active roster and from competing in the VALORANT Champions Tour. The suspension came just days before the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters 1 event was set to start, putting Sentinels in a tricky situation. Riot Games’ ruleset did not allow players to compete for multiple organizations. TenZ was one of the few options to save the number one team in NA.

TenZ still in contention for Iceland with Sentinels

Cloud9 Blue and Sentinels face off in the upper bracket of the Challengers Finals on May 1. Whomever wins the matchup will secure their position at Masters 2 in Iceland. The other team will still be in the running but they must make a run through the lower bracket.

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Since TenZ is currently on loan to Sentinels, he expressed his uncertainty about playing for Sentinels if both teams qualify for Iceland. After defeating 100 Thieves, to move onto the upper bracket final, TenZ took to his stream to express his concerns. He feared that Cloud9 may not let him play for Sentinels depending on whether they also qualified for the event. Cloud9’s CEO Jack Etienne took to Reddit to notify TenZ’s that “there is already a long term agreement in place.”

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