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Cloud9 Blue could possibly be making changes to their Valorant roster after failing to make First Strike. Valorant’s first major tournament took place last week after several weeks of qualifier tournaments. At both the UMG and NSG Tournament Cloud9 Blue placed 5th-8th and missed out on the First Strike final. Only the top eight teams in North America would move on to compete for the $100,000 prize pool.

Since Valorant tournaments first came out in early May 2020, Cloud9 Blue had been dominating lower-tier North American teams. They were universally considered one of the best teams in North America until other teams began forming their rosters. Teams like TSM, Sentinels, and Envy began catching up to Cloud9 Blue’s dominance. This put Cloud9 in a tough position as they placed 3rd at three consecutive tournaments. After that, they moved on to the two qualifying tournaments for First Strike which had them stopped dead in their tracks.

Despite their average performance at the last events, they were able to take down 100 Thieves who had been stomping their opponents. 100 Thieves would eventually go on to defeat Sentinels, T1, and TSM to take home the First Strike title. Now, Cloud9 Blue will be looking to possibly make a roster change before the next set of tournaments arise.

Cloud9 Blue possibly remove team captain

Cloud9 streamer Mitch “mitch” Semago, accidentally pulled up the C9 discord on stream last night, which leaked the potential move. On the right side of the screen, you can see Nathan “Leaf” Orf as listed under the player tab. Leaf is currently a 17-year-old CS:GO professional playing for Chaos Esports Club looking to be signed in Valorant.

Cloud9 Shinobi
Cloud9 Blue team captain Shinobi

There is a lot of speculation from the Valorant community on who could be possibly replaced by Leaf on the roster. Josh “Shinobi” Abastado is currently the team captain for Cloud9 Blue but has been recently been seen scrimmaging with FaZe Clan. This could be a coincidence, but many Valorant fans have seemingly confirmed that this move would be happening.

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