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Cloud9 announces Rainbow Six: Siege squad

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Cloud9 has confirmed the signing of their new Rainbow Six: Siege team.

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This will be the first venture for Cloud9 into the competitive Rainbow Six: Siege scene. Additionally, the entire roster was a sign and transfer from Team Beastcoast. Now, most fans know Cloud9 for their League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams. However, the team does not scare easily when investing in newer teams as well. No doubt the organization has been eyeing the Rainbow Six: Siege scene for some time and this was a perfect opportunity for them to take the chance. “We always like to hit the ground running when we enter a new space and I know this roster is going to help us achieve just that. Can’t wait to see them in action!” said Jack Etienne, CEO, and founder of Cloud9.

The roster is as follows:

  • Lauren “Goddess Williams
  • Davide “FoxA” Bucci
  • Brandon “Shlongii” Escamilla
  • Alexander “Retro” Lloyd
  • Gabriel “LaXInG” Mirelez

Also, their coach will be Thomas “Robn” Linden, who was the coach for the team on Beastcoast. Another thing to note is that Lauren “Goddess Williams is the first female competitive Rainbow Six: Siege player, and is actually the captain for Team Beastcoast. It can be assumed that she will keep her captain’s position when the team fully transfers over to Cloud9.

This announcement comes a week after both Immortals and Ninjas in Pyjamas confirmed they too were fielding competitive Rainbow Six: Siege teams.

From Team Beastcoast to Cloud9

The team has been active since February 2018, but in such a short timeframe they have been able to accomplish multiple things. First, they were able to battle through the Rainbow Six: Siege Challenger scene; the team placed 2nd. Afterward, they were able to beat Counter Logic Gaming to promote themselves to the Pro League. Afterward, the team set out to compete at Dreamhack Austin. Their group consisted of Mousesports, Team Sinister, and Team Vitality. However, they were only able to finish in the top eight of all teams at the tournament, after DisruptGG was able to defeat them in the quarterfinals. This is not a bad result, considering they were put into a group with two very well known esports organizations in Mousesports and Team Vitality. Even though they were a smaller organization, Team Beastcoast had a very passionate and dedicated following,

Furthermore, Team Beastcoast had a few words for their Rainbow Six: Siege fans as well:

We were blown away by the amount of community support we received during our time in the first season of Challenger League, and we hope that fans of our roster will support Cloud9 with the same enthusiastic energy in their first season of Pro League. We’d like to thank you, the fans, for showing us how incredible Rainbow Six Siege is at the highest level.

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