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Moon Raccoons Black and Cloud9 White move on to the Upper Bracket Finals of Valorant Champions Tour: Game Changers.

Both Moon Raccoons and Cloud9 have gone undefeated so far in Game Changers without losing a single map. Cloud9 White have been together since early October when women in Valorant were still finding tournaments in the scene. Moon Raccoons’ original roster made an impressive run throughout Valorant Sunday Showdowns and NSG Invitationals. While Cloud9 have struggled to perform throughout the Valorant Champions Tour and First Strike. Now with their all-female rosters, both Cloud9 and Moon Raccoons have made names for themselves.

Cloud9 White dominate Dignitas Female on path to finals

Cloud9 White started off strong on Haven for map one in the match against Dignitas Female. Dignitas was only able to win the first two pistol rounds of the game before going down 2-10 at the half. Cloud9 was able to secure the remaining three rounds needed early in the second half for the win 13-5. Melanie “meL” Capone was the MVP of the map after going 21/12 on Killjoy.

Ascent was the second map, picked by Cloud9 White, and was even more one-sided than the Haven match. Dignitas was able to win the first two rounds again before losing the next nine straight rounds to go down 9-3 at the half. Unlike Haven, Dignitas was unable to secure a round in the second half against Cloud9 who won 13-3.

Moon Raccoons defeat CLG Red to advance to the finals

CLG Red had also gone undefeated during the group stage of Game Changers before losing a map to OWA OWA in the Upper Bracket. Moon Raccoons proved to be the better opponent against CLG Red after their 2-0 victory. Bind was the first map of the best-of-three series and was Moon Raccoons pick. CLG Red was up by two rounds at the half 7-5 on defense but struggled in the second half only managing three rounds. Moon Raccoons won the first map 13-10 with the MVP of the match being “diana” who went 23/17 on Phoenix.

The second map of the series, Split which was picked by CLG Red, was favored by Moon Raccoons from the beginning. CLG Red only managed to get four rounds in the first half on defense before losing seven rounds straight. After winning both pistols and bringing the score to 6-8, CLG Red failed to capitalize on their momentum and lost the game 13-6.

Moon Raccoons and Cloud9 will face off against one another in the Upper Bracket Final of Game Changers tomorrow. The winner will move on to the grand final and will have a one-map advantage over the opposing team.