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The New York Subliners announced that star-veteran James “Clayster” Eubanks will be taking a break during the Seattle Surge Home Series.

New York has been on a downward trend ever since returning from the Stage 4 Major. Clayster has had a rocky performance during the Subliners’ recent three-game losing streak. Now, it appears he will be taking a break during the Seattle Surge Home Series. Former Subliner Conor “Diamondcon” Johst will step in to replace Clayster during this weekend’s games.

Diamondcon previously played on the New York Subliners before the team acquired Paco “Hydra” Rusiewiez. Since Hydra has joined the roster, the team has consistently performed well and Diamondcon has not needed to return to the roster. However, with the recent issues regarding New York and Clayster’s performance, he will be stepping in. Clayster stated on Twitter that he needed a break from “it all” which is why he was stepping away.

“Just need a break from it all,” Clayster said on Twitter. “I’m sure you all have seen I haven’t been myself in quite some time, need to take a step back and get myself straight mentally. Gotta take care of yourself over everything, and I don’t plan on this being “for good,” but I hope the boys crush it.”

Diamondcon comes into a tattered New York Subliners

The New York Subliners have had three uncharacteristic losses to London Royal Ravens, LA Thieves, and OpTic Chicago. These losses have put OpTic Chicago within striking distance of their 4th place spot by points. New York is currently sitting at 310 points and play Paris Legion and Atlanta FaZe. OpTic Chicago, on the other hand, is sitting at 300 points and play LA Thieves and London Royal Ravens.

With Clayster now taking a break, Diamondcon will have to pull together at the last minute to help New York keep their 4th place position. This is the last Stage before Champs in August and will be New York’s final shot at keeping a top-four spot before the tournament. If Diamondcon can help keep New York afloat, then Clayster should not need to do too much heavy lifting when he returns in the future.