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Autobattler games are hot. In the wake of the original Auto Chess‘ success, companies are scrambling to convert their existing IPs into autobattlers. And now Tencent is joining in the fun with their (relatively) original new title, Chess Rush.

It is visually very reminiscent of Auto Chess from what we can see in the promotional material. Like most other titles in the genre, Chess Rush will pit eight players in a battle of careful planning and synergistic strategy. It will also feature over 50 champions at launch.

As YouTuber Koolio Gaming pointed out in a video released today, Tencent may be recycling the assets of defunct MOBA War Song, which they acquired last year.

War Song itself is very visibly a League of Legends clone. We tend to come full circle with autobattler games anyway, as they are usually mods based on existing IPs.

It’s hard to tell right away if Tencent’s title will have much to offer in this very competitive new genre. However, it does have a few promising features. For one, it promises to be really fast.

Fastest autobattler yet

Chess Rush has a few of the features of the other current biggest mobile autobattler, Arena of Evolution. The first one is “turbo mode,” which should have matches as short as 10 minutes. The other is the team mode, in which players will be able to cooperate against other teams.

Chess Rush, new Tencent auto battler, comes out July 4

The only drawback to autobattlers like Teamfight Tactics and Underlords is that they are relatively slow. For example, a normal match could take upwards of 40 minutes. And as its name implies, Chess Rush might be very fast in comparison.

According to Indonesian media outlet Dunia Games, Chess Rush comes out July 4. It will be available on Android and iOS exclusively, at least for now. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more competitive gaming news and content!