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Tencent Games has announced a global tournament for its newest auto battler mobile game, Chess Rush. The Chess Rush Global Star Challenge will pit eight players from eight countries against each other. The event will come with a total prize pool of USD $16,000. First place will take $10,000, second with $5,000, and third bringing home $1,000.

Global Star Challenge

The eight countries will include North America, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, and Russia. The tournament will be streamed live on Chess Rush‘s Facebook and YouTube pages. Both the default classic and faster Turbo mode will be played during the matches. The eight players will also each be assigned a different race for them to play during the tournament.

Those that watch the tournament will be able to win prizes as well. For each of the three rounds that take place, one fan watching the tournament will win a mobile phone. Three mobile phones will be given out, including the Xiaomi MI9, Oppo Reno, and a Vivo NEX.

Tencent’s Chess Rush

Chess Rush is Tencent’s version of auto chess. There isn’t too big of a difference when compared to the original Auto Chess or Dota 2‘s new Underlords version. However, the version that Tencent has released comes with unique heroes, better graphics, and different game modes.

Players compete against seven other players on an 8×8 board, with animated “chess” pieces. By matching certain heroes with each other and a variety of synergy between classes, their heroes will gain different status effects. The game’s shop, economy, and board setup are around the same as the other competing games.

The only major difference between them is where duplicate items can be used on the same hero to upgrade them. Chess Rush also supports a Turbo mode that shortens a game to around 10 minutes, compared to the usual 30-40 that a classic game might take. A co-op game mode allows players to team up with friends as well.

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