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We had the opportunity to speak with Dominick “UnknownxArmy” Green after he qualified for the Fortnite World Cup Finals. UnknownxArmy was and still is the only controller player to qualify through four weeks. He gives hope to other controller players out there. UnknownxArmy finished in second place during Week 3 in NA East, one of the most competitive regions. Surprisingly, he was able to qualify for the World Cup Finals in Week 3 without a single Victory Royale. Throughout the next six weeks, he hopes to qualify with his Duos partner “GlitchSZN” and prove that Week 3 was not a fluke.

UnknownxArmy’s story is an interesting one. He is another gamer from New Jersey, a state that has produced a lot of Fortnite talent. UnknownxArmy said he first started playing video games when Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 came out. Just like many others at the time, he loved to trickshot like the FaZe Clan. That is when his aspirations to become a pro gamer first started.

Getting started in Fortnite

Like many, UnknownxArmy began his Fortnite journey on a console. He first started playing in February 0f 2018 on his PS4. The World Cup is not the first event where he has succeeded. Previously, UnknownxArmy placed in both the Share the Love event and the Gauntlet.

In order to buy his gaming setup, UnknownxArmy competed in 1v1 matches called wagers. There are several versions, but the most common is based on scoring more eliminations than the opponent. UnknownxArmy was able to start making money and kept grinding matches. Eventually, he was able to purchase a gaming computer. Though he has a computer now, UnknownxArmy still uses a controller. The Xbox Elite controller with one paddle is what he prefers.

To prepare for the tournament, UnknownxArmy plays creative mode constantly. He said that he does not believe there is a good way to practice or simulate late-game. He has a very aggressive play style and prefers to push or “W-key” everyone. His play style is similar to that of his favorite player, Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro from TSM. Both play the game in a bold and assertive way.

Recently, UnknownxArmy is a part of Team Kungarna. The team has no contracts and was started by a Fortnite YouTuber. Kungarna is supposed to help unknown players get noticed. The goal of joining a team like that is to get recognition by a larger organization.

Check out his settings in this video. You can also find him streaming on Twitch.

Life outside of gaming

UnknownxArmy looks to use his earnings from the World Cup to pursue an education in computer science and programming. His goal is to become a game developer. In addition, he enjoys playing basketball and running track. Those other interests have been temporarily put on hold until after the Fortnite World Cup.

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