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Season 2 of COD Mobile is starting to wind down, with Season 3 beginning on Jan. 22. A new season is always exciting, as a big update and all kinds of new content arrive. While most of Season 3 is still private, we have several character skin leaks for the upcoming content drop.

With such a widespread data-mining community, there seems to always be information leaked before any large update. This one is no different, though players will still need to wait until Jan. 22 for access. Let’s go through these leaks and some predictions for what Season 3 will bring to COD Mobile.

Character skins supposedly arriving in Season 3

Leaks in COD Mobile are traditionally spot-on, but that doesn’t mean we should take any of these as fact. We still have three weeks until the new season releases, so Tencent could easily change something by then.

That said, we have a slew of leaked character skins, so at least a few of the skins are bound to launch with Season 3. A COD Mobile YouTube channel centered around leaks has the scoop for us:

To summarize the short video, there are tons of new skins coming to COD Mobile. However, around half of the skins have made an appearance in previous Call of Duty titles, namely Black Ops 3. Skins like Prophet’s Mantis and Outrider’s Jungle were first seen in 2015, so it’s more of a re-skin for COD Mobile.

Nonetheless, the leaked skins are certainly something worth grinding for. We have no current knowledge of how these skins will be made available. Some could be in the Battle Pass, but others might be locked behind supply drops.

Battle royale changed for Season 3?

Last week, we reported on the cracks seen in the COD Mobile battle royale sky. At the time, we didn’t know what these cracks, or rifts, meant. Well, we now have further confirmation that these rifts aren’t just a visual bug. A Twitter user showed some screenshots of the rifts expanding in size.

It’s unclear what the rifts will eventually do, but we can assume that it ties in with Season 3. Perhaps the rifts will make some new additions to the battle royale map. On the other hand, they could also remove some things from the map.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all COD Mobile Season 3 news here at Daily Esports!