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Any team with a positive COVID-19 test at VALORANT Champions will compete with the affected player participating in isolation, according to Alex Francois, Global Head of Competitive Operations at Riot Games.

Francois issued a statement on the official VALORANT Champions Tour Twitter account to address the situation surrounding Team Liquid’s Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom having tested positive for COVID-19 shortly before VALORANT Champions, as first reported by Upcomer on Monday.

“Our policy states that in the event a player returns a positive result for COVID-19, but feels well enough to compete and chooses to play, the affected team and their opponent will play the scheduled match on a LAN network built in the quarantine facilities,” stated Francois. “The player who tested positive will compete from an isolated room while their teammates and the opposing team will compete from two nearby practice rooms.”

This protocol is much different from the one that was put in place for the Last Chance Qualifier in Los Angeles, California. There, players were forced to quarantine due to the protocols of the state of California and eventually the event had to be postponed due to an outbreak.

Champion match dates can change randomly

Due to the ever-changing situation with COVID-19 at Champions, Francois announced that the order of matches on any given day will be subject to change. This is due to the locations of teams possibly being switched to accommodate and ensure the safety of anyone surrounding a positive COVID-19 test.

“To account for offsite play, Team Liquid’s matches will be moved to the end of their match day,” according to the official VALORANT Champions Tour account.

VALORANT Champions schedule updated
VALORANT Champions schedule updated. | Provided by VALORANT Champions Tour

Team Liquid responded to this tweet, thanking  VALORANT esports for being accommodating of their situation and ensuring fans that Nivera feels fine. They also stated that they hope to play together on stage with him after groups conclude for the tournament.