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Earlier today, Doug “Censor” Martin released a video announcing his departure from FaZe Clan. Censor was a part of FaZe Clan since 2014 when he competed on the Call of Duty roster during Advanced Warfare. Winning multiple championships, Censor was released from the FaZe roster before Black Ops 3. Although he was let go from FaZe’s COD roster, he stayed on as a content creator, flourishing on both YouTube and Twitch. However, given the fact that he’s supposedly signed with a CDL roster, he is required to leave FaZe. Making a video detailing his departure, something interesting can be seen at the end that could hint at Censor’s new team, New York.

Did New York sign Censor the 2020 CDL season?

One of the most polarizing figures in Call of Duty, Censor has been a question mark through “rostermania.” Some believed that his online popularity would land him on a team while others thought that his talent wasn’t enough.

However, according to the man himself, Censor has signed to a Call of Duty League roster. Pending league approval, come Modern Warfare, Censor will supposedly be on a CDL roster. In his most recent YouTube video, Censor may have leaked which organization he’s joining. If we pause his video at just the right time, there is an image that flashes relating to the CDL. @COD_Gamepedia was able to capture this image.

Censor Call of Duty League New York
Censor hasn’t competed in professional Call of Duty since WWII when he played under compLexity. Photo Credit to @COD_Gamepedia

Under his FaZe sweatshirt, we can briefly see what looks to be a New York Call of Duty jacket. This design is the same one used for the roster announcement videos New York released two weeks ago. AndBox is the official sponsor for New York’s Call of Duty organization, and its logo is prevalent in every piece of New York merchandise.

Call of Duty New York
The jacket every New York Call of Duty player wore for their announcement video

If you compare the two images, we can clearly see that the designs are the same. From the two yellow stripes on the collar to the font of the name, Censor is clearly wearing a New York Call of Duty jacket.

Censor’s role with New York Call of Duty

We currently don’t know if this is merely bait or a legitimate hint from Censor, but we should be finding out if this is real or not within the coming days. Assuming Censor is a part of New York’s team, his role with the team could be a few different things.

For the past year or so, Censor has been repeating that he wants to be a professional Call of Duty player. This leads us to believe that Censor is most likely a player of some sort and not a coach or content creator. If he is, in fact, a player, he will be a substitute and not on the starting roster, at least initially.

What do you think of Censor and New York? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all CDL coverage.

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