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Call of Duty League professional player Patrick “Aches” Price has taken matters into his own hands. After playing theopen beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Aches had some criticisms and other thoughts. However, instead of simply tweeting these out like most other pros, the two-time world champion decided to go another way. In an unconventional turn of events, Aches chose to make a formal PowerPoint presentation on what he would change about Black Ops Cold War going forward. While Treyarch hasn’t commented on the Powerpoint, one of Aches’ requests has been granted.

What Aches would change about Black Ops Cold War

Before the pro player began listing his thoughts, he had a few disclaimers. First and foremost, he made it clear that he’s not a developer and doesn’t fully understand what it takes to produce and change a video game. He also states that Black Ops Cold War has great potential and with some adjustments, the game could be great.

After those were out of the way, Aches began listing his opinions on what those adjustments should be. In total, the pro player listed 11 changes that the new Call of Duty title should implement before the full release on November 13. They are as follows.

  • Revisit and adjust slide mechanics
  • Buff the speed to core movement
  • Overhaul the Duster Stock attachment

  • Make some slight adjustments to the Ninja Perk
  • Reduce throwable distance of equipment
  • Move Trophy System from Field Upgrade category to Tactical category (competitive-only)
  • Introduce EMP Grenades and a Hardwired Perk
  • Bring back traditional scorestreak system (competitive-only)
  • Rework the current Wildcards
  • Improve Jump-shotting
  • Restrict Stim Shot in competitive play

Overall, most of these changes are terrific ideas for Black Ops Cold War. However, some of the ideas might be rendered moot when the full game comes out. We simply don’t know what Treyarch is planning to introduce. For example, EMP Grenades and a Hardwired Perk could very well be in the works.

Although, one of the proposed ideas has already been resolved by Treyarch. Earlier today, the developers sent out a patch that nerfed the Duster Stock. Previously, the attachment made sliding severely overpowered but now it’s much more balanced.

It’s assumed that Treyarch will listen to community feedback. However, it’s currently not clear how much feedback will actually be implemented into the game. Let’s hope at least a few of Aches’ proposed ideas will see the light of day in the final version of Black Ops Cold War.

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