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TORONTO, Ontario — Day 4 of the Call of Duty League 2022 Major III saw the event come to an end with the Seattle Surge as the only team standing. The final day featured reverse sweeps and attempted revenge, with  Atlanta FaZe, the Toronto Ultra and the Los Angeles Thieves doing their best to win in vain. All the same, here are the highlights of CDL Major III Day 4.

Player of the day: Amer “Pred” Zulbeari

In both the first and last match of the Championship Sunday, Amer “Pred” Zulbeari led the Seattle Surge to two important match wins on their trip to the top. After helping coordinate the reverse sweep against FaZe, he was crucial in the winning maps in the final.

Not only did he drop a 13 kill Search and Destroy, which is detailed more below, but he led the team for their first map in the grand final. This Australian player got his country their first major tournament win in three years, along with MVP honors for himself.

Moment of the day: The Ultra extend the series

Despite not making it to the grand final of their home major, the Toronto Ultra made their audience the loudest it had been all tournament long during their second-to-last map. Down 2-1 and needing to win their Tuscan Hardpoint, they kept their opponents in their sights.

Then, as the score hit 200 seconds each, the whole Toronto roster took the energy from the crowd and put it into their play. With great plays from Jamie “Insight” Craven, along with a Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan three kill streak, the crowd went nuts. Even the grand final couldn’t match the hype of everyone cheering for the home team.

Stat of the day: 13 kill Search and Destroy

Seattle’s reverse sweep win over Atlanta FaZe to reach the grand final was a close second place moment of the day, but Pred’s performance on that map five was worthy of individual recognition.

With 13 kills and only one death, Pred was the catalyst around all of Seattle’s plays on Desert Siege. He already played that role in that series on Hardpoint. But, to do it again on map five to take Seattle to the final made that 13/1 performance the stat of the day.