CDL 2022 Major III Day 3: Toronto Ultra get two sweeps, reach top four
CDL 2022 Major III Day 3
Provided by Michael Czar.

CDL 2022 Major III Day 3: Toronto Ultra get two sweeps, reach top four

The Ultra continue the form in the lower bracket

TORONTO, Ontario — Day 3 of the Call of Duty League (CDL) 2022 Major III narrowed the pack even further before the final day of the event. Today was filled up, with the home team playing twice, two sweeps and the OpTic fans getting shocked in the final map of the night.

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Player of the day – Jamie “Insight” Craven

The Toronto Ultra had a perfect day, going 3-0 against both the Minnesota RØKKR and the Florida Mutineers. Considering the team doesn’t normally sweep opponents, two in one day was unexpected, to say the least. Insight in particular had two amazing matches, especially a particular round of Search and Destroy where he ended with a 5.5 K/D ratio.

“When I have information from my teammates,” Craven said, “that allows me to have those moments and clutch up when it matters most.”

CDL Toronto Ultra Insight
Insight, rocking a fan’s glasses at the post-match press conference. | Provided by Michael Czar.

In the game against the Florida Mutineers, Insight ended up going 11-2. The best example of his superior play today was their final round, where he got the first two kills and four zone captures.

After his great Hardpoint and Control performances to help lead the Ultra, Insight is absolutely the best player of day 3.

Moment of the day – Mack gets a clutch three kills to win the series for Seattle

In the first upper bracket match of the day, the Seattle Surge and Florida Mutineers dueled to see who would get a guaranteed top three finish. After both teams reached five matches in the first round, Makenzie “Mack” Kelley decided to prevent that from happening on map four against Florida, with a quick three kill spray to win them the map on a close Hardpoint.

“That might’ve been the first time I’ve screamed in a match,” Mack said. “As soon as I got that three-piece and knew we’d won, I went ballistic.”

Considering it won them the map and series, that is the best moment for day 3.

Stat of the day – CleanX gets 85 engagments in first map against Florida

On their second game of the day, the Toronto Ultra faced off against the Florida Mutineers. On a very close Bocage Hardpoint, Tobias “CleanX” Juul Jønsson just did not stop fighting. Adding kills and deaths together, CleanX had 47 kills and 38 deaths, for a total of 85 engagements.

CleanX’s elevated play style was on full display, and the Ultra turned that show of force into a clutch Hardpoint victory. That map victory led to Ultra’s two wins today on day 3 of the CDL 2022 Major III.

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