CDL 2022 Major 3 Day 1: Upsets, map fives and a live audience
CDL Major 3
Provided by Michael Czar.

CDL 2022 Major 3 Day 1: Upsets, map fives and a live audience

Ultra lose at home, Mutineers make a statement on LAN

TORONTO, Ontario — CDL Major 3 Day 1 of the Call of Duty League (CDL) 2022 Major 3 brought multiple entertaining matches, all of which had the live fans in Canada going wild. With the home team losing, a big upset disquieting OpTic Texas fans and multiple five map series, everything was on the table for fans and players alike today.

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Player of the day –  Cesar “Skyz” Bueno

skyz at cdl major 3

In the third match of the day, the Florida Mutineers took OpTic Texas to map five, with Florida surprising everyone by winning some very important maps in the series. Out of all the Florida players, Skyz was absolutely amongst the top talent for the day.

“We play way better on LAN and we know how FaZe plays, that we can beat them,” Skyz said. “On LAN, we know we can play consistently, in comparison to online.”

This confidence definitely showed as their map losses were by thin margins — the map four loss on Hardpoint was by less than ten points. As Skyz was the key player in that Mutineers win overall, he’s the player of the day.

Moment of the day – Round 8, Map 5 of Seattle Surge and New York Mutineers

Oh boy, this round had everything. It started with a team kill from the Seattle Surge, putting them in a horrible position to start. Then, a quick two kills evens the game up. To end the roller coaster of a round, Surge end up losing it and going on the brink of a series loss.

While it ended up as a map and series win, this round alone was a great example of how esports can raise your heart rate.

Stat of the day – Skyz’s kill streaks

Skyz makes his second appearance here with today’s most impressive stat. In that series against OpTic Texas, he managed an 11 kill streak on his way to a map win. A notable enough killstreak on its own, but on the next map, Skyz ended up putting up another 10 kill streak.

The Mutineers did lose that second map where Skyz got that 10 kill streak so that the series went to five, but he carried the momentum through for the series win.

That’s it for Day 1 of the 2022 CDL Major 3, but stay tuned, as there is much more to come this weekend.

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