Can you Pack-A-Punch Wonder Weapons in MW3 Zombies?
Can you Pack-A-Punch Wonder Weapons in MW3 Zombies?
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Can you Pack-A-Punch Wonder Weapons in MW3 Zombies?

Can you upgrade your Wonder Weapon?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies features several different Wonder Weapons that you can acquire during a match. From the classic Ray Gun to the high-flying Scorcher, every Wonder Weapon in Zombies is quite enjoyable to use. However, can the Wonder Weapons in MW3 Zombies be even more enjoyable to use through the Pack-A-Punch machine?

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Pack-A-Punching is a staple in Zombies and most players will use the machines to upgrade their normal weapons, especially if they’re considering venturing into the Medium or High Threat Zones in Urzikstan. What about if you already have a strong Wonder Weapon, though? Are you granted the same liberty to Pack-A-Punch with the Ray Gun or Scorcher in your hands?

Check out the guide below to see everything you need to know about Wonder Weapons and Pack-A-Punching in MW3 Zombies.

Pack-A-Punching Wonder Weapons in MW3 Zombies

Pack-A-Punch Wonder Weapons in MW3 Zombies
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Fortunately, you are 100% able to Pack-A-Punch any Wonder Weapon you get your hands on in Zombies. Just like with normal weapons, there are three stages of Pack-A-Punching with Wonder Weapons. You can first Pack-A-Punch for 5,000 Essence, then the second time requires 10,000 Essence, and the final time calls for 15,000 Essence. Each stage of Pack-A-Punching requires you to go deeper into Urzikstan, though. For example, you can only access the third stage in the High Threat Zone and the second stage is accessible in either the Medium or High Threat Zone.

Every time you upgrade your Wonder Weapons, they are given a new trait. While some of the Wonder Weapons simply get added damage, others are given slightly better abilities. As an example, The Scorcher has a drastically reduced charge time when you Pack-A-Punch it, making it much easier to use.

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So there you have it, if you happen to find yourself using a Wonder Weapon in Zombies and have some Essence to burn, feel free to visit a Pack-A-Punch machine and give the weapon a huge upgrade.

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