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Call of Duty League professionals are struggling to practice with Krampus during the Vanguard Festive Fervor event.

In a tweet shared by the general manager for the Los Angeles Thieves Eric “Muddawg” Sanderson shared a video of a scrim being ruined by Krampus. Krampus was a recent addition to the game with the Festive Fervor event in Vanguard. His goal is to hunt down players on the map who are not playing the objective. This affects both Control and Hardpoint game modes for the CDL playlist. In the video, the opponents of LA Thieves are being chased down by the large monster who will stop at nothing to kill its target.

“I finished typing an email, look over at codcaster, and see BIG KRAMPUS just mauling the lobby,” said Muddawg on Twitter. “Scrims are going well today for anyone wondering.”

This isn’t the only instance where the Krampus monster has caused issues in Call of Duty. When patch went live to Warzone the game would crash, kicking players out of the lobby, whenever Krampus spawned into the map. Not only is the monster affecting the average player, but also the professionals who are trying to practice.

Call of Duty players beg for the holiday event to be turned off

Under the ‘Krampus warzone’ tag on Twitter, players from every console are displeased with the holiday additions from Sledgehammer Games. Not only is Krampus stopping players from practicing but it is also costing Warzone players games because the NPC is basically immortal.

“The holiday event is live in all CDL game modes,” said CDL Intel on Twitter. “Please disable before the Challenger Cup this weekend @SHGames.”

Finally, if the bullet sponge wasn’t enough, Sledgehammer Games also added creepy elves across the map. These elves will constantly make noise from their hiding spots until found by a player and promptly shot. What was meant as a fun addition to the festive event turned into an annoyance for pro players who would like to play the game without distractions.

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