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Just last week, we covered Call of Duty: Warzone players discovery of a secret easter egg trail linked to Black Ops Cold War promotional material sent out to streamers and pros. The revealed website, entitled PawnTakesPawn/tv, shows a virtual CRT TV and a collection of old-school VHS tapes to play on it.

A new tape is being added each day, each of which has clues to a certain Warzone location hidden within them.

Each tape shows all sorts of 1960s and 1970s nostalgia from politics, music, and more. However, one running theme is the classic 1977 chess game between American Bobby Fischer and Russian Boris Spassky.

The rumored setting for the new Call of Duty game is the Cold War era. The iconic chess match was seen as a non-lethal representation of the battle between the Soviet Union and the United States, the two global superpowers of the age. This new information fits with what players already expected.

How to find Warzone’s new Cold War easter eggs

At some point, either at the start, during, or even after the video finishes, a code will pop up on the VCR machine’s retro digital display. This code will correspond to a location on Warzone’s Verdansk map. The first two digits have been “WZ” in all three of the released videos so far. This obviously stands for Warzone.

The next part of the number is a grid marker for the game’s map. Go there, and somewhere in the appropriate square will be a building or bunker that you can use the rest of the key code to get into.

In these buildings are various clues and lore items, as well as two or more rare loot crates. So, they’re a good place to land if you’re looking to get geared quickly—once you’ve remembered the code.

Pawntakespawn day 1

On the first day of the easter egg hunt, players discovered that the code “49285163” opened a small building in the Farmhouse area of the map. The following documents were found inside:

Day 2

Day two’s Warzone easter egg hunt code was B3-8762485. Players soon found the location—Underground Bunker 3 near Boneyard. Inside was a bust of iconic Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin and a whole load of more documents. No concrete information was gathered about the new Call of Duty on this day.

Warzone’s easter egg hunt Day 3

The latest code for the Day 3 release was:


This lets you access a small, otherwise locked-off shack to the east of the Prison in the south-east corner of the Warzone map.

Inside are various cool touches relating to the new Call of Duty game. This included some research papers and blueprints for the RC-XD, the infamous explosive remote control car from the Black Ops series.

warzone bunker 3 easter egg location
Bunker 3, where the latest Warzone easter eggs can be found.

Regardless of the ultimate outcome, this has been a nice teaser experience for the new Call of Duty game. It sets a benchmark for cross-title promotion.

It comes at a time when the community needs something positive to latch onto with Warzone, as the game has been stricken with game-breaking bugs in recent weeks.

For the latest updates on this Warzone easter egg hunt as they develop, plus a whole load of other news, keep checking Daily Esports.

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