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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 has been live for a little under a week, but a new update is already releasing on June 22. As many players would have guessed, the update mainly addresses the hugely overpowered MG 82 light machine gun. The update also fixes some nagging bugs within the battle royale.

For the last week or so, Verdansk has been subject to one of the most powerful weapons to ever grace its lands. The MG 82 took all of the traits that make an assault rifle and light machine gun strong and combined them without any negatives. The gun was powerful, had virtually no recoil and could down enemies from dozens and dozens of meters away.

While players in Season 4 had to deal with the weapon for several days, the nerf should reduce its effectiveness significantly.

Warzone nerfs the MG 82

The official update is going live across all platforms, so players should have already gotten it on their system. It’s not a beefy update by any means but the contents are what matters.

Raven Software released the patch notes for the update earlier today. While the MG 82 nerf is the headline, it’s worth noting the developers are closely watching the Nail Gun SMG as well. The compact special weapon has become players’ go-to gun in the SMG category thanks to its high damage and low recoil.

The exact nerf for the MG 82 is as follows:

  • Maximum Damage decreased from 30 to 29
  • Minimum Damage decreased from 28 to 27
  • Maximum Damage range decreased by 20%
  • Headshot multiplier decreased from 1.3 to 1.2
  • Upper Chest multiplier decreased from 1.1 to 1
  • Extremities multiplier decreased from 1 to .9
  • Vertical and Horizontal Recoil increased

This is terrific to see so early on in the Season. Though some players hadn’t even unlocked the Battle Pass weapon yet, it was still a problem in Warzone. However, Raven did make it clear that the changes shouldn’t render the MG 82 completely useless. The developers claim it will still be viable in a competitive setting, so players shouldn’t write it off just because of the nerf.