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Despite having no official confirmation, there’s no denying the fact that a Warzone battle royale mode exists for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. After a huge influx of leaks yesterday, with a possible release date mentioned, today brings us actual gameplay and images. Coming from TheGamingRevolution, who was the first to leak battle royale in Modern Warfare, the gameplay is from Warzone’s training area. We also have images and audio of some aspects from Warzone.

Warzone leaked gameplay and images

While Activision and Infinity Ward are staying silent, the fact we have actual gameplay says enough. The developers seem to be waiting for the right moment to drop the mode, similar to how Respawn did with Apex Legends last year. There was no marketing or announcements; the game was just released out of nowhere. That seems to be what Activision is attempting to mimic.

First up with our leaks, we have an image of the supposed Equipment available in Warzone, per TheGamingRevolution on Twitter.


Some of the listed equipment seems to be taken from Modern Warfare multiplayer, like the Munitions Box. However, other pieces, like the Drop Kit Marker, are new and specific to Warzone. The currency used to purchase the equipment is called Plunder, which we don’t have a ton of details on just yet.

Next up, we received some gameplay from Warzone’s training area, named Armistice Training Facility. Essentially, this is where you can shoot dummies, test out different weapons and equipment, and complete a training course. Apparently, you will receive XP for Warzone once you complete the course. Check out TGR’s video about the subject below.

We still don’t have an official release date for Modern Warfare‘s battle royale mode, but leaks suggest it’s coming within the next week.

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