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The Gulag is one of many unique features in Call of Duty: Warzone. It allows players to fight in a 1v1 in order to redeploy back into the Warzone match. Both players receive the same weapon; usually, this is a shotgun or a pistol. However, a clip from the Call of Duty: Warzone Reddit shows a player was able to pick up weapons in the Gulag.

Loot can be picked up in the Gulag

At the start of the clip, the player is in the Gulag waiting for their match-up. In the 1v1, both players receive the X16 pistol, a semtex, and a stun grenade. Quickly, the player noticed the loot that was behind them which they proceeded to pick up. The loot consisted of a Model 680 shotgun, an MP7, and $300 cash.

Additionally, another MP7 was available to pick up on the other side. Although the clip doesn’t show the 1v1, the weapons looked ready to use. The Model 680 shotgun was loaded with 5 bullets, while the MP7 had a total of 40 bullets.

I found guns on the ground in The Gulag. Is this a glitch or a feature with the update???
byu/Kasperinoz inCODWarzone

Although it is unknown what caused this glitch, a Call of Duty: Warzone fan proposed a possible explanation. They stated: “It looks like the loot of a player who died. Probably somebody got killed on the main map above the Gulag position and the loot glitched to the lower level.” As the Gulag is a location that can be visited on the map, this glitch theory is possible.

If this glitch continues or becomes more consistent, Gulag matches will be unfair. This is because the player that can pick up better loot will have a big advantage. It will be interesting to see if Infinity Ward responds to this glitch. Bugs and glitches can be viewed on the Modern Warfare Trello board.

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