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At this point, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s battle royale mode, Call of Duty: Warzone, is almost a certainty. We’ve seen various in-game leaks as well as sources corroborating all of the information. While we don’t have a release date or even official confirmation as of yet, sources say as soon as tonight the mode could drop. However, that doesn’t stop Modern Warfare players from securing all of the details they can prior to its launch. One YouTuber even went so far as to sneak a peek at the potential map for Warzone.

Taking a look at the Warzone map in Modern Warfare

Although nothing for Warzone is confirmed, even the name itself, the leaks leave little to the imagination. We have promotional images, which Activision is taking down, as well as in-game leaks that put players into a Warzone lobby.

So, this begs the question — are there other teasers currently in Modern Warfare? Well, the new map for Season 2, Atlas Superstore, may be our source for the next leak. YouTuber PrestigeIsKey happened to find out that CODCaster lets you explore the entire map and its surroundings.

If you take a look at the fourth image, you see a full overview of the Atlas Superstore map and its surroundings. However, this seems to look an awful lot like the leaks we’ve seen in the past for Modern Warfare‘s battle royale map. Also, it simply looks like an area for a battle royale to be played.

Leaks have stated that the Warzone map is multiple Modern Warfare multiplayer maps jammed together. So, while nothing is confirmed, things do seem to line up with respect to the battle royale map. Hopefully, we hear some official details from Infinity Ward in the near future.

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