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It’s been one week since Call of Duty: Warzone launched and Activision has decided to give the community what it desires. With a new update today, Warzone now features a Solos mode in addition to the three-person Squads mode. While you could technically play solo within Squads, you were still going up against three-man teams. Now, everyone is on a level playing field and can only depend on themselves. Time will tell if Solos can match the fast-paced action of Squads, but it’s nice to have something else to play within Warzone.

How does Solos play in Warzone?

Solos mode has been a mainstay in battle royales since the first titles came out several years ago. Games like Apex Legends don’t feature the mode, but most others do. For those that didn’t have other teammates to party up with, this is a great addition. It eliminates the reliance on random squadmates and puts all of the responsibility solely on your back.

Call of Duty Warzone Solos Activision

However, there are some drawbacks that we can foresee with Solos in Warzone. For starters, with such a high player count — which is also set to increase — the games could go by extremely slowly. The campers will be at an all-time high, sitting atop roofs or in corners within the zone.

Another potential problem is the vehicles, as multiple players can simply drive around in a car in the final few zones. If a player on the ground shoots at them, it’s fairly easy to go and run that person over, eliminating them. A similar problem occurred in H1Z1: King of the Kill and within Blackout. Helicopters and larger vehicles dominated the late game, which didn’t make it very fun.

Even through all of that though, Solos should be a fun new addition to Warzone for the time being. The looming question is — will it be as fun as Squads?

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