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The first update for Call of Duty: Vanguard in 2022 went live last night, containing many of the fixes that Sledgehammer Games had promised the community over the course of the last month. While there are still some issues in the game, many of the players’ concerns have been alleviated alongside an unintended surprise.

After digging into the PC files of the game, Vanguard leakers discovered new strings of code attached to Ranked Play, which has been confirmed but not further discussed since the original announcement. The Call of Duty League stated in their community update yesterday that it remains a focal point moving forward and new information will arrive in a few weeks. While players wait for that, they can take a look at what leakers have found in the game files.

Leakers find more details surrounding Vanguard Ranked Play

This is not the first time leaked code has popped up regarding Ranked Play. Last month, another leaker found long strings of code that seemed to compare Vanguard’s potential Ranked system to that of Black Ops Cold War.

This generated some negativity towards the mode, as Cold War’s system was seen as a little too convoluted. However, with the new leaks, courtesy of @Real1tyUK, the developers have seemingly changed course to a degree.


According to the lines of code, it seems like this new Ranked system is a mixture between Cold War and WWII. The term “Skill Rating” listed, which some fans believe to be another word for “Elo.” COD WWII had an Elo system that showed players’ rank number beside their names.

However, there are also terms like “Skill Division,” which is a direct correlation to Cold War’s Ranked Play. At this point, it seems difficult to discern exactly what the Ranked Play system could look like in Vanguard. Although, imagining a cross between Cold War and WWII doesn’t seem too far-fetched.