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Despite Call of Duty: Vanguard being out in the open for all to see, there’s still a ton that Sledgehammer Games has yet to reveal. Mostly on the side of multiplayer, the community doesn’t know a lot about what the mode will feature. While players might learn about a majority of features during the multiplayer reveal on Sept. 7, leakers are getting ahead of the news, as usual. One leak to recently arose has to do with the mini-map in Vanguard.

The topic of the mini-map wasn’t discussed by fans until Modern Warfare in 2019. At that point, Infinity Ward decided to change the game and introduce a new mini-map; one that didn’t show enemy fire as a red dot unless there was a UAV in the air. The widespread opinion was that this mini-map was inferior and rewarded camping players. Infinity Ward reverted some of their decisions with the mini-map after fan feedback.

However, according to a leak, it seems that Sledgehammer Games could be coming back with the same mini-map in Vanguard.

Modern Warfare’s mini-map

The leak surrounding the mini-map comes from noted insider @ModernWarzone, who has a long track record of reporting correct information. According to them, Vanguard currently employs the same mini-map from Modern Warfare, which doesn’t show red dots on the map from unsuppressed enemy fire.

For the majority of fans, this doesn’t appear to be good news. The “classic” mini-map that’s currently employed in Black Ops Cold War is far more popular than that of the “non-classic” version.

It’s unclear why Sledgehammer supposedly made this controversial decision. However, ModernWarzone states that the current mini-map could simply be leftover from Modern Warfare’s engine and the Vanguard developers will replace it closer to launch on Nov. 5. Vanguard runs on the same, albeit updated, version of the MW engine.

Whether this is the case or not, it appears the mini-map will be like Modern Warfare’s when the open beta releases in early Sept. However, Sledgehammer Games publicly stated they will take community feedback into account in regard to Vanguard. So, if fans want an aspect of the game changed, like the mini-map or Dead Silence they can politely submit their feedback to the developers.

Fans will presumably see the mini-map in action during this weekend’s Champion Hill Alpha.

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