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In the first week of Call of Duty: Vanguard, there have been several glitches to pop up in multiplayer. From glitches with Search and Destroy to challenges not tracking properly, Sledgehammer Games has some work to do in the next week or two. However, their first concern might be with a new glitch, discovered by Vanguard players, that allows players to equip Atomic camo on any weapon in Vanguard, even if they don’t have it unlocked.

Atomic camo is the mastery skin for weapons in Vanguard multiplayer and is considered one of the tougher camos to unlock in Call of Duty history. Players must complete a series of difficult challenges for every weapon in the game. Usually, this grind would take players weeks and even months to complete. However, thanks to a new bug, players can simply perform an easy action to equip the camo on their guns.

The Atomic camo glitch in Vanguard

This glitch was first discovered by YouTuber and KARNAGE Clan member TastyFPS. He uploaded a video earlier today showcasing how to perform the bug in multiplayer. It should be noted that this glitch doesn’t fully unlock Atomic camo for players. It only shows the camo visually on the players’ guns. This means that they still need to complete challenges in order to fully unlock the camo. Players can watch TastyFPS’ video below to see how to perform the glitch.

It’s a quick and easy process that only requires players to have Vanguard on PC and a controller or keyboard on hand. From there, it’s a series of simple button presses to get Atomic camo on every weapon in Vanguard.

While this bug is still in multiplayer as of the time of writing, it seems likely that the developers will patch it out sooner rather than later. So players shouldn’t get used to seeing Atomic camo on their guns if they perform the glitch. It should be noted that players should be wary of trying this glitch, as it’s unknown how Sledgehammer will perceive it. If the developers see the glitch as an offense worthy of a ban, players who took advantage of it may be in trouble.