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Among the myriad of issues currently in Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer, players can add graphical problems to the list. Over the last month, strange occurrences with the graphics in Call of Duty: Vanguard have begun to surface, including textures not loading in properly or popping up all over the map. Even the infamous demon-gun glitch from Warzone has invaded Vanguard, seemingly stemming from the mid-season update.

The demon-gun glitch is the name for a graphical bug in Warzone that makes textures around a gun appear black and jagged. The problem even spread to Halo Infinite in late 2021. However, Vanguard players are facing a more severe version of the glitch: the entire map is covered with giant jagged textures.

Demon-gun glitch is present in Vanguard multiplayer

The mid-season update appears to be what has caused the recent influx of graphical issues in Vanguard multiplayer. The update was released on Jan. 11 and the demon-gun glitch has since spread to entire maps. For example, one redditor showed their experience on Das Haus, where they can barely see what’s in front of them.

Severe texture bug on PC, game is unplayabale. from CODVanguard

The issue seems to be limited to PC following the mid-season update. Players are calling Vanguard “unplayable” after the update due to the number of graphical glitches they’re encountering in multiplayer.

If any player is attempting to fix the graphical problems, there doesn’t appear to be a permanent fix as of yet. Redditors have reported reinstalling texture caches, drivers and Vanguard itself to no avail. However, some players have stated that reverting to the December GPU driver for Nvidia cards has worked for them. The January driver could have a hand in causing these issues as well.

Sledgehammer Games has yet to comment on these issues. The bug hasn’t been placed on the Vanguard Trello board, which means the devs could still be figuring out what is causing the graphical problems.

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