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Recently, the Call of Duty: Vanguard community discovered that Cold Blooded is broken. For some reason when players equip the perk enemies’ aim assist on their player model becomes inconsistent. This makes the player running Cold Blooded much harder to hit, especially when using a controller since the method relies more on aim assist.

The recent discovery of Cold Blooded’s unintended power has caused a huge uptick in its usage by players. This will be short-lived, though, as developer Sledgehammer Games said they’re working on a fix for the bug.

Cold Blooded is intended to hide players from enemy scorestreaks, counter the High Alert perk and reduce the range at which a player’s nameplate appears. It’s in the Perk 1 slot, which is packed full of other top-tier perks. This has rendered Cold Blooded fairly unpopular by fans, seeing as there are better options within the slot, such as Ghost and Ninja.

Sledgehammer confirms fix for Cold Blooded bug in Vanguard

The confirmation comes from Vanguard’s Trello Board, where the developers track known issues and other happenings with the game. As of Monday, the bug with aim assist not triggering with Cold Blooded has been added to the “Global + MP Issues” category on the board. It’s also been tagged as “Investigating.”

Sledgehammer describes the issue with Cold Blooded as “Aim assist toggles on and off when the player is engaging an enemy player with the Cold Blooded perk on.” So while players might get a little aim assist when aiming at a player running Cold Blooded, it could vanish in an instant.

The developers gave no reason as to why the bug occurred, but players should expect a fix in the coming weeks. Although, with the holidays coming up, it’s unclear when exactly Sledgehammer could push out the next patch for Vanguard.

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