Call of Duty Next: How to watch Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer reveal
Call of Duty Next Modern Warfare 2
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Call of Duty Next: How to watch Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer reveal

The next big event for Call of Duty

With the calendar turning to September, the new era for the Call of Duty franchise can officially begin. September is set to be one of the biggest months for the franchise; not only will the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta takes place over the course of two weekends, but Infinity Ward and Activision will fully reveal the mode at Call of Duty Next.

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This is an event that was announced in early August and will begin on Sept. 15, one day before the MW2 beta. In essence, the event is meant to showcase the new era of COD. From Modern Warfare 2 to Warzone 2 to even Warzone Mobile, everything will be on full display.

Content creators will fly to Los Angeles to partake in the event as well and play Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer live for the world to see in addition to playing Warzone 2. Aside from the creators, developers from Infinity Ward will be present to presumably give fans an overview of both multiplayer and the new iteration of Warzone.

In years past, the overview for multiplayer has involved looking at different maps, the gunsmith and various weapons as well as other new elements to the game. As for Warzone 2, we’re really not sure what to expect at this point, but it’s likely that at least some gameplay will be shown off.

We will also see a glimpse at Warzone Mobile. The mobile experience hasn’t been discussed much, but with its release set for 2023, Activision could let fans get a sneak peek at Call of Duty Next. Finally, we could also see our first look at the rumored DMZ mode that’s coming to Modern Warfare 2. Activision has been especially tight-lipped about this project, so it’s unclear if Call of Duty Next will have any mention of the mode.

Call of Duty Next will take place on Sept. 15 and will be streamed live on COD’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. The exact start time for the event hasn’t been announced as of yet, but fans can expect it to begin sometime in the afternoon on the U.S. east coast.

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