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Yet another leak has surfaced for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This time, the full list for the Modern Warfare Perks and Create-A-Class system are confirmed by several sources with inside knowledge.

While we still have zero confirmations about multiplayer from Activision or Infinity Ward, the game is starting to take shape thanks to an overwhelming number of leaks. We already have a full list of Modern Warfare‘s killstreaks and weapons.

The Create-A-Class system had been a big unknown until now. A staple of Call of Duty, the class system is what separates the game from other FPS titles. Although, like the rest of the multiplayer, the Create-A-Class system has leaked early.

Let’s take a look at how the system will work and the different perks available in the system.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Perks list, Create-A-Class leaked

Modern Warfare’s Create-A-Class system

Thanks to known Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution, we have our first look at what the Modern Warfare class system will look like. In a video detailing the perks and equipment in-game, TGR goes in-depth at how the Create-A-Class will work.

To start, the old Pick-10 system is reportedly gone. Modern Warfare games are traditionally more original with their class system, and that trend seems to be continuing. Players will be given one Primary and one Secondary weapon by default. The Primary weapon can have five attachments with the secondary most likely having one or two.

Next, each class will come with three Perks, one for each tier. Each player will also be given one tactical and one lethal piece of equipment automatically. However, one change Infinity Ward is making is apparently giving every class one special skill that charges up in each match.

If this is in fact how the Modern Warfare class system is, it could be divisive. Many players enjoy being able to customize each class to their liking with the Pick-10. With Modern Warfare though, that could all go away.

Modern Warfare Perks list

Here are all the Perks and equipment currently in Modern Warfare, according to TheGamingRevolution.


  • Replaces Secondary weapon with another Primary (Overkill from previous titles)

High Alert

  • Flashes a yellow alert on your screen when an enemy is aiming at you


  • Carry another Lethal piece of equipment


  • Recharges your Lethals and Tacticals after each use

Double Time

  • Triples the duration of “Super Sprint” (Extra fast sprinting that only lasts for a short period of time)


  • Highlights enemy equipment for you and your teammates (Engineer from previous titles)

Battle Hardened

  • Reduces the effects of flashbangs and stun grenades

Heavy Metal

  • Enables you to earn other Killstreaks with Killstreak kills


  • Replenishes ammo from other players


  • Your lethal equipment has a greater health impact on enemies.


  • Immune to enemy UAVs and AI targeting systems


  • Reduces explosive damage (Flak Jacket)


  • Allows you to see enemy footprints on the ground

Bounty Hunter

  • When a player is on a 3-killstreak or higher, a bounty is placed on their head. If you kill an enemy with a bounty, you earn the bounty towards your own streak.


  • Increases RPG reload speed


  • Unknown

That’s it for the regular Perks within Modern Warfare, but this year there is something called “Weapon Perks.” These are specific Perks for the weapons within the game. Note: These are not all of the weapon perks currently in-game.

Infinite Breath

  • Longer breath duration

Sleight of Hand

  • Increased reload speed


  • Increase crouch-walk speed


  • Shoot bullets that daze enemies

Mo’ Money

  • Extra XP for headshots


  • Knife on the end of the weapon


  • Bullets bounce off environment


  • Enemies slow down when shot

Shrapnel Shots

  • Enemies’ health regeneration is delayed


  • Increased bullet penetration

That’s all of the Perks and Weapon Perks within Modern Warfare that we know of! Things are sure to change between now and launch, but according to TheGamingRevolution, this list is accurate for the most part.

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