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Activision has released a new trailer for their new mobile Call of Duty game appropriately titled Call of Duty Mobile. While there is no firm launch date, a worldwide release is expected soon.

The next chapter in the iconic Call of Duty franchise is in development by Tencent. In the past year, Tencent has become well-known for their work creating PUBG Mobile.

This announcement comes as a bit of a surprise, as Black Ops 4 is in the middle of its content cycle. However, the new mobile game seems to be more jam-packed with content than Black Ops 4 did at its launch. With fan-favorite maps, guns, killstreaks, and game modes all included in Call of Duty Mobile, there is a reasonable hope for the community. Even though Activision is known for its questionable business tactics, right now things look promising.

New content

While it is currently unknown what characters, guns, and maps will come to the game, fans can expect certain favorites from the past to make an appearance. Maps like Nuketown, Standoff, and Hijacked are three of the maps known to be in the game. Another interesting feature coming to COD Mobile is the mixture of different developer titles. Aspects from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series will be included, which is a first for the franchise. Never before have these two historic franchises meshed in a worldwide launched title.

However, with new content comes the dark cloud of microtransactions. COD Mobile will be free to play on iOS and Android, but the pricing model is still unknown. It’s safe to assume that the game will contain some kind of lootbox system/item shop like previous titles have. However, Activision is notorious for including “pay-to-win” items within this system in an effort to increase profits. Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 were both guilty of this tactic. Gamers can only hope that COD Mobile will feature a fair and consumer-friendly microtransaction structure.

Call of Duty Mobile Tencent Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty Mobile Tencent Activision Blizzard

Blackout coming to Call of Duty Mobile?

Something else that Activision teased in the new trailer is the likely release of Blackout. Call of Duty‘s first step into battle royale came with Blackout in Black Ops 4, the latest entry to the franchise. Blackout has proven to be a quality battle royale game but didn’t take off as some expected. However, Activision previously stated that they believe battle royale will remain a large part of the Call of Duty universe. While that could mean different variations with each title, the fact that Blackout is probably being released with the new mobile game is telling. Many have speculated that Blackout will remain in each new game but will simply be modified every year.

It also helps that Tencent is developing COD Mobile. Their experience with PUBG Mobile should help with delivering a polished product to gamers everywhere. Senior Vice President of Tencent Steven Ma had this to say regarding the development:

Call of Duty is synonymous with incredible quality and gameplay, and our team couldn’t be happier working together with Activision to bring it to life on mobile. With our expertise creating games custom-built for mobile players, we’re excited to deliver a new, feature-packed Call of Duty experience that all types of fans will enjoy.

Let’s hope that Ma and his team can deliver and expand Call of Duty into a new realm. You can pre-register for the summer beta at https://callofduty.com/mobile.

What do you think about Call of Duty Mobile? Let us know down in the comments below. Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all of your Call of Duty coverage.