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While Call of Duty: Vanguard is still in full swing, insiders have apparently discovered some details about the titles releasing in 2022 and 2023. The first leak is about Call of Duty 2022, which has been rumored to be named “Modern Warfare II.” The second leak is in regard to the 2023 game, which doesn’t have a name yet but is rumored to be developed by Treyarch and could be another entry in the Black Ops series.

As with all leaks, fans should take them with a grain of salt. Both the 2022 and 2023 games are nowhere close to being revealed, so aspects about each game could drastically change.

Call of Duty 2022 leaks

The first leak comes from @TotallyNotAlaix, who most recently discovered some information surrounding Ranked Play in Vanguard. The leaker claims that the 2022 title, Modern Warfare II, will have 38 weapons at launch. This is the same amount of weapons that Vanguard had at launch and closely matches what Modern Warfare 2019 launched with in 2019.


Modern Warfare II is being developed by Infinity Ward, who also developed Modern Warfare 2019, so it would make sense for them to follow a similar path in terms of launch content for the 2022 title. The big question is whether Modern Warfare II will release with the same number of maps as Vanguard or Modern Warfare 2019.

Call of Duty 2023 leaks

Shortly before TotallyNotAlaix released their information about Modern Warfare II, fellow leaker @TheGhostOfHope shared some intel on COD 2023. This is reportedly another Black Ops title developed by Treyarch and it seems the devs are taking inspiration from their previous games for their next title.

TheGhostOfHope claims this is the only information they have about the future game. The details surrounding COD 2023 seem to be centered around taking elements from Black Ops 2 and 3, but keeping boots on the ground. The game will also supposedly take place in a “near-future setting,” which would make sense in a game taking inspiration from previous Black Ops titles.

Call of Duty 2022 and 2023 are still in the early stages of development and these leaks are not verified, so fans should temper their expectations with any leak that surfaces. However, as the months go on, more and more leaks could back up what these two insiders are claiming.

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