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Following the Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer beta in September, insiders are starting to gather more information from sources about Vanguard’s full content. One of these trusted sources went so far as to seemingly leak all of Call of Duty: Vanguard’s multiplayer Perks on October 1.

The source in question is @TheMW2Ghost, who has correctly leaked a plethora of Call of Duty information in the last couple of years. Their sources are unknown but their intel is almost always spot on. Still, it’s worth taking the information with a pinch of salt, as Sledgehammer Games can still alter or even remove aspects from multiplayer in the next month.

However, for now, fans can likely look below to see the supposed full list of Perks in Vanguard.

Every leaked Vanguard multiplayer Perk

In addition to leaking the actual names of the Perks, TheMW2Ghost also added a brief explanation for what each Perk does. They did not, however, reveal what slot the specific Perks will slide into. They also noted that some of the leaked Perks could come in later seasons and not at the actual launch of Vanguard on Nov. 5.

Below, fans can view each of the leaked Perks along with their descriptions.

  • Brawler: Movement speed and melee range are increased and health regeneration is immediate after a melee kill only when using melee weapons
  • Clandestine: Killed enemies drop “intel packs” that are able to show where nearby enemies are
  • Dauntless: Immune to the Suppression mechanic but slightly reduces overall movement speed
  • Piercing Vision: Enemies that are suppressed enough will be highlighted through walls and other effects for a brief time
  • Lightweight: Increases movement speed and increases movement penalty from the Suppression mechanic
  • *Reaper: Kills with killstreaks count towards other killstreaks. Care Packages have a better chance to drop better killstreaks. Personal Radars and UAVs last 50% longer. Player-controlled killstreaks have an additional 50% health.
    • This killstreak may have been updated, altered or cut, according to TheMW2Ghost. He tweeted “Well see” in regards to the Perk
  • Serpentine: Sprinting reduces damage from enemies
  • *Operator: Carry two primary weapons. Faster weapon switching. Able to reload while sprinting.
    • TheMW2Ghost clarifies this Perk may have been cut down and replaced with Overkill, which is currently in Vanguard and only allows the carrying of two primary weapons

Those are all of Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer’s leaked Perks. As the game gets closer to launch, Activision will likely confirm most or all of these Perks. For now, leaks will have to tide fans over.

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