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While the Mid-Season update for Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific introduced a new crossover skin bundle for Attack on Titan, a new leak shows a second one may be coming soon.

Originally, fans of the anime series could pick up an Operator skin, three weapons and four other cosmetics relating to the show. However, the first Attack on Titan bundle in Call of Duty didn’t go over too well with fans since the main Operator skin didn’t resemble one of the show’s main characters, Levi, and the weapon blueprints didn’t work properly.

It seems Activision could be trying to rectify this by releasing another AoT skin. This time, fans might be able to purchase and equip an Armored Titan Operator.

Another Attack on Titan skin arriving in Vanguard and Warzone?

The leak comes from @Hydra9114, who recently showcased some screenshots of the Season 2 key art for Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. They followed up by teasing that the Armored Titan from Attack on Titan could be released as a skin in Call of Duty soon.

The leak shows the Armored Titan holding an STG44 from Vanguard. The short video was likely from the main Operator menu in Vanguard. The skin itself looks completely different from anything fans have seen before in Vanguard.

There’s no word on if this skin will be a standalone cosmetic in a Battle Pass or if it will be a part of a store bundle. Although, considering how detailed the skin looks already, its release looks imminent. Activision could potentially have the skin ready for Season 2, which releases on Feb. 14. That’s simply a guess, though, so fans should still take the leak with a pinch of salt.

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