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The leaks surrounding Call of Duty 2022’s title, allegedly named Modern Warfare II, continue to roll in from insiders. As early as last week, leakers have said that the game is already in its alpha stage and has every Call of Duty studio working on it. This includes Treyarch, the developer for the 2023 game. One report from an insider has also provided a reason as to why all of these studios have started work on COD 2022.

This new leak has some differing reports. On one side, the insider has some good news for the community when it comes to Modern Warfare II. They say that the game isn’t like previous Call of Duty titles, which could be a good omen for many players. However, they also report that one developer recently saw a build of the game and didn’t like what they saw from a gameplay perspective.

Leaked updates on Modern Warfare II

The leaker in question is @RalphsValve, who has been leaking information surrounding Modern Warfare II for months. Recently, they leaked that Infinity Ward was developing maps that were inspired by CS:GO.

In the past week, the reports are more concerned with the game’s development. Over the weekend, they tweeted that one Infinity Ward associate compared MWII to Modern Warfare 2019 in terms of movement, gunplay and more. The associate supposedly said there are more features in the new title compared to MW2019 but they weren’t “too happy with the gameplay.” They went on to say the game itself looks “incredible,” though.

Of course, one person’s opinion means little in Call of Duty, as so many different players have varying opinions on the franchise. It sounds like all developers are working on the game to make sure it’s the best it can be, however. RalphsValve tweeted that every COD studio has a hand in the game.

When asked why this is, the leaker had some encouraging words for the community.

“It was earlier described to me as a ‘once-in-a-generation’ title — hence why essentially every Activision Studio is assisting the game’s development. Things are moving smoothly.”

“Once-in-a-generation” title sounds like Activision is putting all of their eggs into the Modern Warfare II basket. Whether this is due to Microsoft buying the company or Vanguard’s poor sales is unknown. However, it seems like COD fans can expect Activision’s best effort later in 2022.

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